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Synopsis of Skip and Loafer Manga

In order to pursue her dream of bringing positive changes to Japan, Mitsumi Iwakura leaves her countryside town to attend a prestigious high school in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. As she has already mapped a clear life plan, she has absolute confidence that there will be zero mishaps from then onwards.

Despite her ambitious promise, the country girl ends up running late on the first day when she gets lost on her way to school. Fortunately, she meets a fellow first-year student, Sousuke Shima, who is in the same situation and offers to go with her. They eventually make it to school, but the misfortunes do not end there, as Mitsumi leaves an unfavorable first impression in front of her classmates.

Nevertheless, the class soon takes notice of her friendship with Sousuke despite their opposing personalities. Only time will tell whether Mitsumi will be able to forge fruitful relationships with her classmates, and she will certainly not be alone.

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Skip and Loafer Manga Review

Skip and Loafer may as well be the most wholesome, enjoyable watch I’ve experienced in anime to this point. Everything about this show just screams unique, from the cute art style and characters to the beautiful sound, Skip and Loafer was an experience worth experiencing!

Story(9/10): I feel that the only reason this isn’t a 10 is due to its simplicity. Despite this, the story delivers everything it needs to, whether it’s suspense and drama, or if it’s playfulness and joy, the situations the story puts the characters in really let everything shine.

Characters(10/10): These characters are just the most enjoyable, wholesome characters ever! I think that my brain let out an aww or two every time I saw interactions between them. Not only are they enjoyable, but every one of them shows real growth throughout the series. These characters make the show what it is.

Animation(10/10): The art style in this anime enhances the feeling of joy you get while watching. It’s soothing pastel color pallet and the simple designs make for a cute feel. That on top of the over-the-top expressions and the warm and cool color spreads seen when characters express strong emotions help to convey the story’s message.

Sound(10/10): The composer cooked with this one! I feel the piano chords used were very fitting and all the OSTs and SFX were on point. Not to mention the VAs were perfectly picked and did wonderful work. Also, I think that I teared up almost every time I watched the dance in the intro because it reminded me of my girlfriend.

Overall(10/10): I strongly recommend!

Reviewer’s Rating: 10